Shaunak’s Story

I saw huge difference in my kid related to:
Within three weeks of care plan, my kid started to echo the single word who didn’t talk almost a year after regression.
Later the echo improved to 2-3 words and observed changes specific to behavior and being calm when compared to earlier.
As soon as we finished the care plan, the attention improved from few seconds to minutes and I am able to teach and make my kid speak 60 – 70 words in one stretch.
I can surely say that Dr J’s adjustments helped a lot to my kid to focus towards Speech and Behavior issues.
My kid turns 4 in next 3 months and I am confident enough to see more improvements.
Whatever the concern it might be. Dr. J listens patiently and provide adjustments accordingly.
My kid loves him a lot and always rushes to the table and is always ready for the adjustments 🙂 and would be smiling all of the time with happy and excitement until we leave the Expressing Life Chiropractic.