Lincoln’s Story

Everything changed for this family.
I attended an Expressing Life Chiropractic seminar searching for a way to help my grandson cope with his inability to handle everyday situations.
As an educator, I knew his lack of ability to concentrate, engage with others, and control his emotions would cause many issues in life.
I was searching for answers for our family.
✅My grandson was UNABLE to relate to others well and had meltdowns ALMOST DAILY.
✅His anxiety was extreme.
✅He was impulsive and could not concentrate.
✅Family gatherings were extremely difficult. The more people around the more difficult he became and all the activity caused him to be more unsure of how to respond appropriately.
✅When he was spoken to many times he did not answer or seemed uncomfortable.
✅He has always been friendly; however, he was not always socially able to fit in.
✅His attention span was short and sitting or listening was almost nonexistent.
Lincoln’s parents, my husband, and I were on a mission to find help for him.
We did just that with Dr. Turner.
I wish I had a video of our first visit to Expressing Life Chiropractic. Lincoln was ALL over the place. He could not sit on my lap. He was so nervous and out of his element. He was under the table, behind the table, under chairs, just all around that room.
Our little love could not control himself. When I say all over the examination room, I mean all over. Richard and I looked at each other and knew this was Lincoln’s safe place, and Dr. Turner was understanding of our journey.
Lincoln needed help!!!
Life has changed dramatically since we began his care with Dr. Turner. Today, Lincoln is so much more outgoing. He speaks to people, answers people who ask him things, and makes friends.
He is able to shop in all types of stores without having issues about buying things or looking and leaving.
He does NOT have meltdowns when the answer is no.
He can attend church without melting down. Lincoln is able to listen to books being read, complete learning assignments, perform tasks, and learn. He was home schooled PreK/Kindergarten this last school year and learned amazing things.
This month he attended VBS successfully. I observed his ability to line up, sit maturely and listen to stories and puppet shows, sing with other children, take turns during many activities, and share with lots of others. MY HEART WAS OVERJOYED, AND I WAS SO THANKFUL.
These were great accomplishments.
Lincoln began taking Taekwondo classes last month! He is doing extremely well. He enjoys making these new friends. He has done very well with his listening skills and the demands of such high expectations. WOW! This is unbelievable to me!!!
I see Lincoln stop, think, breath, and maintain himself in a more positive way when he becomes upset. He still has those moments when he has an issue; however, those times are not as dramatic and are fewer and fewer.
The impact of receiving care from Expressing Life Chiropractic for my GrandLove has been a blessing and life changing. We will continue the journey with Dr. Turner helping us and will not shed nearly as many tears in our future as we did in the beginning.