Jackie’s Story

As parents none of us like to see our kids struggle in life or be in pain!

Imagine a mom and dad that watched their child struggle! Watch them in pain and suffer in daily life. Imagine doing everything possible and visiting every doctor possible with no results or improvement available!!

Well…this is exactly what was happening with Jackie’s parents. They had tried everything and spent loads of $$$$ to help their daughter…. “As parents we want the best for our kids and want to see them doing well.”

They had lost hope and started to doubt that their 13-year-old daughter would ever have the life she was meant to have.

“The anguish and impotence that we felt looking at our daughter’s pain filled face made us doubt that anything that would help her.”

Her personality had begun to change, and we could see the life being sucked out of her from all the pain that she was dealing with. We no longer saw her smile like before….

I remember the first chiropractic appt that I went with her…I wanted to change places with her and take her pain on myself. I held my tears back so that I could show her to be strong, but I knew my little girl was hurting.

After a few short months of care at Expressing Life Chiropractic, I can NOW see my daughter has a different face, a face of happiness!!!! I am grateful to see my daughter enjoying life again and having that fun with her sisters and family!!!
The pain has left her body, which is why we came to ELC, We never expected her PERSONALITY and ATTITUDE to change where she began to show her beautiful personality again!!

We have gotten our little girl back as she continues to heal!!!