Our family came to Expressing Life Chiropractic when our oldest son Easton was suffering daily from anxiety and chronic headaches. 

He would come home from school everyday focused on any little thing that didn’t go right during his day. He would cry and fixate on that problem and not be able to let it go. As a mom, it was so hard to see your nine year old be worried and stressed about such small problems when I just wanted him to focus on being a carefree little boy. He would have meltdowns about things he did or said at school that he just couldn’t get out of his head. He never once would come home and tell me something good or fun that happened during his day… which completely broke my heart. 

He would also complain about headaches four to five times a week. I started to notice that his stress/anxiety and headaches might be related. 

I began doing research on chiropractic care, and stumbled across Expressing Life Chiropractic. We began coming 3 times a week and within a couple months we saw a huge change in Easton. 

He was no longer coming home and complaining about how bad his day was, and he didn’t remain focused on any “problems” he may have had during his day. He was also able to handle situations at school so much better. He realized things he was stressing over before really weren’t life threatening problems, and his “reaction” to them was much more appropriate. 

We also saw a dramatic decrease in the number of headaches he was having. He went from 4-5 a week to one headache every two weeks. 

Our after school time is no longer filled with meltdowns about how bad the school day was. It makes our crazy busy after school sports schedule much more manageable and enjoyable now that Easton is not so stressed and anxious when he gets home. We are so thankful for Dr. J, and I am especially thankful to have my little boy back who can focus on the fun things in life… like his love of baseball.
-Tarin Penne