Meet Dr. Justin Turner DC​

Staying Well With Chiropractic​

Meet Dr. Justin Turner DC​

Staying Well With Chiropractic

After experiencing back issues as a teenager, Dr. Justin DC sought the help of various medical professionals without feeling like he got any answers. A high school friend had a family member who was a chiropractor that took a different approach and opened up Dr. Justin DC’s eyes to his true healing capacity.

“I knew then that there was more to chiropractic than treating pain. It opened my mind.” He realized that chiropractic would be the perfect career to combine a love of working with his hands and helping people.

I want to assist my patients in living a fuller life by expressing optimal health. We look at each patient individually to give them the best care possible.


Dr. Justin DC attended Parker University in Dallas, Texas, where he earned his Doctor of Chiropractic. He also holds a Bachelor of Science in Anatomy and a second Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness. It’s important to him that he stay up to date on the latest research in chiropractic and attends regular seminars and courses.

Staying Well With Chiropractic

At Expressing Life Chiropractic,, Dr. Justin DC emphasizes family chiropractic care with a particular concentration on helping children. His son, Jacob, saw a pediatrician who considered giving an autism diagnosis in the years before Dr. Justin DC began chiropractic school. Read his story .

During his education, and in the years after, Dr. Justin DC saw that chiropractic could make remarkable differences in the lives of babies and children in their development and growth, and knew he had to concentrate on giving kids a better chance at flourishing.

After continually training with Epic Pediatrics, Jacob’s life has been changed. He is happy, healthy and receives regular chiropractic adjustments.


Keeping Active in McKinney & Frisco

Dr. Justin DC is originally from Washington State and has lived in Texas for nearly a decade. He enjoys sports, particularly baseball and football. In his spare time, he and Jacob like to do outdoor activities in the McKinney and Frisco communities.

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