Julian’s Story

Imagine being a kid and you are made to sit there and learn. Imagine that the mind takes off and goes elsewhere when it should be paying attention to the 👩‍🏫 teacher, or it should be focusing on homework or classwork yet it simply can’t…This is actually something that doesn’t take to much imagine at all…We see so many kids today that have this difficulty paying attention or focusing in school, at home, or any other time of the day.
Or imagine being a mom that gets the call from the school. Imagine being that mom that has worries non stop about her kid. Imagine being that mom that sees her kiddo struggling in school and life….Many might say that it is a reality and don’t have to imagine it….
ADHD and ADD is something we see way too often and we actually have ANSWERS, HOPE, and NON-DRUG SOLUTIONS.
This is exactly what Julian was going through. He was all about playing and if nothing was play time he wasn’t interested. He like many in 2020, ended up doing school form home. For mom this became a nightmare, like so many other parents in our community. He would start the schoolwork 📚 and then soon after would be off playing, sitting there talking, or had lost complete focus of what he was supposed to be doing.
For mom and Julian this was very frustrating. You can imagine that for mom every 5 minutes she had to be on him to make sure he was staying on task. As for Julian it seemed like all mom did was get on his case and never let him play. It was very stressful for all involved. Mom, like many got to the point that she had to sit with him for hours to keep him on track to get the schoolwork 📚 done so he could turn it in on time.
Mom was at her wits end when they started care here in the office. Just like all of our patients, Julian started care with a detailed Neurological Scan and we were able to see exactly what was going on. It was NOT a “behavior problem” it was a BRAIN 🧠 CONNECTION/CALMING problem. When we dug into his history, we found out that mom had a stressful pregnancy, that Julian had a stressful birth and ended up having an emergency C-Section. All major stress, especially emotional and physical stress. He was stuck in the “Fight or Flight” side of the nervous system called the Sympathetic Nervous System….AKA the GAS PEDAL. He was not able to focus or concentrate like mom or his teachers wanted him to…because he simply had no BRAKES….AKA the Parasympathetic Nervous System to slow and calm his 🧠 brain. The side of the 🧠 brainthat is the growth developmental, calming, and healing side of the brain. Through his time under care we have stimulated his Prefrontal Cortex by specific chiropractic adjustments along the super highway that is directly connected to the functional side of the brain known as the spine.
Not only has Julian’s focus and concentration in school 🏫 and with his homework 📚 improved, he has also had less constipation 💩, he is growing like a weed, and he is sleeping 🛌 💤 better, (less tossing and turning in the night, and when he lays down he goes directly to sleep unlike an hour later, like before,) to name a few. He also gets sick way less than what he did before….the moral of the story is that he had a lot going on and it all tied back to the brain 🧠 and nervous system being in FIGHT or FLIGHT Mode and NOT functioning properly.
He was able to accomplish all of this even after moving from Costa Rica, starting school, and learning a new culture and language….aka all new stresses.
According to mom he is a COMPLETE different kiddo!! And we are grateful to be a part of this AMAZING JOURNEY with Julian!! He is now finishing up 5th grade and is excelling in what he is doing in class and learning all about baseball!!
ADHD no longer has to control the lives of kiddos or adults!!