Ear Infections.....They are common, but not Normal

You may have heard this before….”Ear infections are normal.”  

Well that is simply NOT the case. 

They are common, but NOT Normal!! 95% of all kids will have at least one ear infection by the age of 3. 

It is important to make this distinction and know that ear infections are not NORMAL…  

Why are they NOT Normal?

Normal would mean that we are suppose to get ear infections. If we stop and truly understand what causes ear infections we would know that it is more of a lack of proper function than it is a design flaw.

The ear canal was designed to open and drain. When we have interference in the communication between the brain and the tiny muscles of the ear that control that opening and closing, then boom….we get fluid that backs up causing inflammation and infections.

What is the typical answer and solution to ear infections?

More than likely you have gone down this path or are even thinking about going down this path.

And that is the path of first antibiotics and then after several rounds of it NOT “FIXING” the issue then they suggest TUBES…..

The problem with antibiotics is, well….it kills everything, good and bad and actually creates more stress…chemical stress in the nervous system…the brain and body communication highway. 

Why does this not work…well as we think about it, the antibiotics only deal with the symptoms and NOT the CAUSE….this is the primary reason we see recurring infections and prescriptions of antibiotics. 

When the antibiotics don’t work the next step is put tubes in to allow for draining. Again, NOT treating the cause, but just the symptom. We get reports of kiddos coming into our office all the time that have had several sets of tubes put in. 

Don't worry they will grow out of it!!!

More than likely you have heard this sentence before. Many of the parents that come into our office have told us that this is one of the things they hear a lot when asking WHY their kiddos keeps getting ear infections.

The reality is that they won’t grow out of it. They will actually grow into something worse…We see a clear pattern when we see kiddos struggling in life with ADHD, Behavior, or any other struggle they have. 

What really needs to be done......We must fix the cause....

There is actually something better than what has been previously mentioned….And our kiddos deserve it!!!

When we actually go after the cause, we see better long lasting results. The cause is simple…INTERFERENCE in the nervous system. When it is over stressed it does not allow the brain to communicate properly to the muscles of the ear telling it to open the canal and drain properly. 

We usually see this from a series of emotional, physical, or even chemical stresses that pile up and create that interference. 

When the interference is removed, through a very easy, soft, and specific chiropractic adjustment then it begins to restore that PROPER communication telling the canal to open and drain.

It really is that simple!! 

How do we know if we can help??

As we all know…babies don’t really talk and toddles may not know how to really explain what is going on.

No worries…we got you!!! 

With the technology we have in the office, we can actually pin point and see what the cause of the ear infections really is. When we see inference locked in the neck then we know that the cause is a poor communication problem. That is when we know we can help. 

If you kiddo is having problems with ear infections then please reach out to us and see if we can help!!