In our comfortable and relaxing Mckinney office, we want all ages to feel welcomed and at home. At Expressing Life Chiropractic we focus on families, including an emphasis on prenatal and pediatric care.

Since family is so important to us, we make sure our patients not only get the undivided attention they deserve but also focus on delivering superior health care to our community.

We would love for you to be part of our family!!!

Dr. Justin Turner, DC

Dr. Justin Turner DC has a deep passion and love for helping others in the community!! He found a way to do this through chiropractic.  
Through chiropractic, Dr. Justin DC has seen first hand that you can have your body’s full abilities to play with your children, participate in sports, get through your workday and spend more time with your spouse. Though stress is a constant in today’s world, chiropractic care can help you be there for the people you love as it allows the nervous system to deal with stress.
Dr. Justin attended Parker Chiropractic College here in Dallas, Texas. He decided to go to chiropractic school due to having lower back pain in high school and not finding any relief. After graduating in 2013 he realized that Chiropractic was much more than neck and back pain. He would soon realize how much it would actually change his son’s life and the course and mission that he is on today!! Dr. Justin knows that he was led by God to become a Pediatric, Prenatal, & Family Chiropractor. 
He founded Expressing Life Chiropractic in 2015 with the intent of helping the members of the McKinney & surrounding communities express life to the fullest. Being alive doesn’t mean you’re truly living. At Expressing Life Chiropractic we focus on the Function of your Nervous System not the feeling.
Much of Dr. Justin’s post education comes in pediatric chiropractic. Most of the  kiddos that he sees in his office find themselves somewhere on the spectrum. His oldest son Jacob struggled with behavior, anxiety, dyslexia, and so much more. He struggled in school and with ADHD.
When he’s not in the office, Dr. Justin can sometimes be found camping, swimming, and playing some sort of sport. But there’s absolutely nothing he likes more than hanging out with his three favorite people: his wife Julia and sons Jacob and Julian.
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Melanie Dawson

Melanie knows exactly how much the care received at Expressing Life Chiropractic can change not only a child’s life but the family’s as a whole. She understands and has seen the incredible impact it will have on the entire family. She started her son as as a patient.  Her son’s transformation and healing story is a powerful testament to the specific type of chiropractic care at Expressing Life. Soon after getting her son started, she too got under care. Shortly after, she became a member of the team here at ELC!
Melanie is passionate about overall health and wellness; she uses a more holistic approach to healing herself from the inside out the she has any health concerns.
When not in the office, she loves spending time with her husband and kids. She loves working with and studying about essential oils and how they can help her family.
She is very passionate about getting to know each patient that walks through these doors.
She will welcome you with a bright and warm smile when you come in!