Kamdyn’s Story

I first discovered Expressing Life Chiropractic scrolling through TikTok.
I have three daughters and one of them, Kamdyn, is highly sensitive in all aspects and has pretty much flown just under the radar for an official diagnosis of autism.
She is currently diagnosed with anxiety and attention deficit but suffers from many other ailments as well.
I have looked for several other options of treatment for her besides prescription medications 💊💊 and when I saw one of Dr. Justin’s TikTok videos, it intrigued me 🤔💭.
I knew Kam needed help and I was desperate for a solution that did not involve drugs 💊💊.
Kamdyn also struggled with regulating her emotions, falling apart after long school days, focusing while reading 📖📚, staying on point with grade level expectations, constipation 💩, and overall sensory issues.
Well, 🙏🏼I am happy 🥳to report that after seeing Dr. Justin for less than a year, things have changed drastically for her.
Kam has started to EXCEL in school 🏫 in ALL AREAS.
Her reading 📚 score has now been placed as ABOVE GRADE LEVEL!!
She no longer has meltdowns or cries after school like before!!
She isn’t having constipation 💩 issues anymore and she is all around a happier kid.
Before seeing Dr. Justin, she would cry 😭 every single day and now she cries maybe twice a week. I’ve noticed over time she still struggles a bit with food textures and sensitivities while eating but on the other hand can now sit in a movie theatre without protective ear coverings, it’s absolutely amazing‼️