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From our expecting moms to the youngest practice members we strive to make each visit more like visiting family or friends. You will feel at home in our warm and inviting space. We focus on finding the root cause of your health issues so we can correct it at the source. We use gentle and specific techniques to each practice member in order to help them in EXPRESSING LIFE through a healthier and happier way. 
In our comfortable, relaxing atmosphere, all ages will feel welcomed and at home. Dr. Justin DC focuses on families, including an emphasis on prenatal and pediatric care.
His passion of caring for kiddos with sensory disorders gives children who have been diagnosed with autism or ADHD a safe place for care. For expecting moms, the benefits of chiropractic care are numerous and can ensure you have a healthy pregnancy and successful delivery.

Pediatric Chiropratic

From newborns to teenagers, Dr. Justin DC is extensively trained as a pediatric chiropractor to help your children grow, develop and flourish. It is his passion to work with kiddos just like yours to help them achieve their greatest life!!

Prenatal Chiropractic

At Expressing Life Chiropractic, we understand that the health of both momma and baby is vitally important!!  The care we offer not only helps momma but also your precious baby as they grow and develop inside!! 

Family Wellness Care

Did you know that we don’t have to have any thing “wrong” with us to be under Chiropractic Care? Many families have seen several benefits in their life after being under care in our office. We would love to for you to experience the benefits as well!

Expressing Life's Mission

Our Mission in life is to help as many children, parents, and families as possible live the life they were destined for, especially kids and families with challenges and those that have been down a familiar path as mine

Everyone deserves that second chance no matter their age.

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